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"I know I'm a very lucky person, because I do the job I used to dream of as a child! After a classical and economic education, before starting my own business I was a professional in the fashion system: this allowed me to develop a solid background in an extremely competitive, fast context, which requires a strong sense of organization, problem solving, ability to understand the new trends and changes in the market, as well as a high degree of perfectionism. I have always loved all the expressions of that beauty of which even the Made in Italy is a privileged exponent, and the universe of luxury is a natural interlocutor of mine also in virtue of an innate affinity with the concepts of excellence, harmony and class: communicating, enhancing, the peculiar identity of companies that belong to this world determining a constant and progressive visibility of them is what I love doing."
"I chose to work with a tailor-made method because each company has a profile arose from the combination of material and personal elements that makes customization totally essential. My perfectionism leads me to the deepening of all details inherent to the product in order to elaborate the best strategies and a suitable planning: for this reason, for example, I studied the Champagne world winning the title of "Ambassadeur du Champagne pour l'Italie" conferred by CIVC, and this allowed me to find out further angles of luxury industry. I refer to a professional academy for Digital PR and Digital Strategy professional updating, fields that evolve very quickly and must be exactly integrated with traditional PR. This is the philosophy of our studio, and the passion and the enthusiasm for every project - driving force of everything - get bigger day by day!"
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