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We are based in Florence and operate in Europe, USA and Asia. In addition to its clear logistics centrality Florence is a city that we have picked as constant source of inspiration for the sense of beauty and elegance and symbol of Italian style in the world. From the Renaissance up to the present day it has been in every age a place with many souls that lives a close relationship with art, literature and music, as well as always welcoming many tourists and people from foreign countries who have established their residence there. Florence is also the regional capital of Tuscany, land renowned worldwide for its artistic and natural heritage: culture and history on the one hand and cosmopolitan appeal on the other make it a formidable forge of ideas and daily updates for those of us who work by communicating the essence of every corporate identity using an inescapably tailor-made method. The Italian soul and the Florentine class of the firm are combined with a natural vocation for openness. PERLE & PERLAGE in fact exists and acts to meet the needs of both local and international contexts where the creation and implementation of network of relationships and synergies between a plurality of subjects become indispensable. We give public relations full-service solutions throughout Italy and in some cities or foreign countries, including London, Paris, New York, Shangai and Singapore. From the beginning we have cultivated and developed the relationships with press, bloggers, influencers and media from all continents that we incessantly increase, and our events expertise determines a geographical expansion of the operating zone year after year. Therefore we continuously realize new and customized ways handling a growing number of interlocutors and environments, thus constantly renewing our both traditional and digital PR management.
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