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Our clients are high-profile companies belonging to various sectors including fashion, food, wine, hospitality, lifestyle and beauty. We offer ongoing consultancy services starting from the analysis of each company in order to develop an absolutely tailor-made PR strategy and its programming. We deal with each project keeping in mind the words of Charles Eames "The details are not the details. They make the product.": this principle permeates our entire work and tells a lot about PERLE & PERLAGE. The fashion world proposes styles that allow to express that part of life based on personal feeling and creativity: this fact makes it fascinating, in addition to its close relationship with arts. It is a context rich of inputs, where trends occur before their spread to other businesses and which have always brought a pioneering and cosmopolitan appeal: just like our clients! Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin said "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are." We are passionate about the food world especially because it is strictly related to conviviality and culture of people, so much so that it often become an integral part or a distinguishing mark of a specific territory. Our portfolio includes both production holdings sold in Italy and abroad and restaurant business. Wines, liquors, distillates: as much as food they accompany human life in different social environment, often characterising the geographical areas of origin. These are types of products that come out after long work and waiting times: among our clients there are both historical and young companies who have in common high quality and are structured to deal with a plurality of markets. The proximity to everything that makes life more beautiful and harmonious has led us to do consulting for these companies belonging to sectors such as hospitality, beauty, wellness and design. Here too we are dealing with industries in which the meticulous care of aesthetic particulars represents the extension of thick contents, and which know well - like us - that the success of each project is indispensable from the match between form and concreteness.
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